LDA Approach on IF

I just shot the LDA/DME 20R into KSNA. I was right on center on the CDI and still ended up 0.5 miles off track from where I should be. Any tips?

Triple checked my course selection on the OBS.

Sounds like an interesting glitch. From what I remember, the CDI is not supposed to put you of track by that much. Have you tried flying a similar localise-only approach at another airport and in another aircraft?

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I have done the back course approach on this same runway using the exact same localizer source. Worked perfectly.

I know that there would be an offset as far as the course goes but 0.5 miles is too much (I compared that with the fixes on IAP)

I moved it to support as it seems like an app related issue :)

Hmmm…let me try…considering it is KSNA, this is my upmost priority.

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