LCY realistic arrival, Misha photobomb

**•EGFF-EGLC in the A318, expert server.

• this was the most realistic flight I have ever done on here! So much traffic above London tonight.

•Fully staffed with London Center active, as well as all LHR, LGW and LCY frequencies.

Photo 3 is a full view of my flight including the Cardiff departure and long STAR into LCY rwy 09 avoiding the LHR traffic.

Photo 1 is a closer view of my arrival

Photo 2 is me on base leg, a thousand feet safely below @MishaCamp as he turns onto final for LHR :)

definitely not clickbaiting Misha, also the order of the photos is weird, it uploaded them randomly**


Very nice picture and a crazy (but realistic) approach into City. Thanks for sharing!

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Yes, it is quite something when the approach is as long as the flight! As you said, realistic. Funny how far out you go before you turn back and join downwind for 09!

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Huh, never knew the LCY approach was that long… looks like it pretty much doubles your flight time. Nice catch too with Misha!

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Yeah, I imagine it is because you fly high iver london, above all LHR arrivals. And then you sneak into city on right downwind For 09 at 2000 feet, all LHR arrivals/Departures will be at least at 3000 feet, so safely above


Nice shot on the second photo, great angle!

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It’s also to let you have enough time to configure the aircraft for the special steep approach into,City (and to clear the traffic conflicts you mentioned). Noise reduction might well be a factor as well.

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Super cool. I saw you under me at 2K. Gotta love the new proceedures making this possible 😍