LC-130 SkiBirds

If we ever get the airports at the poles or in the snow. These babies can do it.
Used to take scientists or cargo to either pole and study the earth’s past. These would be a nice edition to the sim with the cousin C-17.

Little Fact: Was shown on Smithsonian’s Mighty Planes
Image from: Google


Nice, would love to see that! The skis look so cool! :D

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This would be amazing!

Time to fly to Troll Airfield with one of these


Guess we’ll need snow.


Nice, think first would be fixed the pyhsik of C17. 👍🏼

This would be awesome for the North Pole/Antarctica or flying to Canada’s northern most airbase, Alert.

Seen these things fly (and been in one) before. Awesome looking things. Deffinately need this.

Yay troll airfield, record breaking time for me creating an airport 😂