Layover in Chicago flight

Hey guys, I just arrived in Chicago and I have a 12 hour layover. Is anyone interested in spending a few hours doing a flight? Private message me please.

And please please please please please please please please please, do not comment below talking about how I’m breaking something. You have to understand that I’ve been traveling for over a half a day non-stop and for me to take the time to make a group flight and have no one to show up, it’s just a complete waste of my time and theirs. I’m just asking in general if anyone wants to fly.

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Glad to hear that you made it! Enjoy The Windy City!

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I just have one question where did you come from?

If you’ve got time, I will do KEWR-CYTZ with you in the Porter DH8D

I will join That

what airline u flying?

El Salvador. I miss it already

I was thinking about doing a flight from Chicago to Denver or something like that

I meant to say in real life. Like from Chicago to Philadelphia?

I heard El Salvador is beautiful. Maybe after this pandemic I will take a trip

Ohhh. In that case I can’t, I am sorry. It is too long as it is nearly 11 pm here

You may want to take a few months. It’s really being hit hard by both the pandemic and there’s massive flooding throughout it. Also the gangs are sadly taking this time to do their worst

How was the weather upon arrival?

Pretty turbulent. Got sticking around for a few minutes. The cloud layer was pretty low

Can I take a guess what airline and flight number u are flying from Chicago to Philly?

Go ahead man.

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I’d not recommend flying if you aren’t connected to WiFi. Just saying.

I am. After being out of the United States for 8 months. It’s so nice to be able to come back and have unlimited data haha

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American Airlines 1054?

Sorry man it’s actually United flight 3436