LAX Update

I’m sure this is in the wrong category, but I know someone will correct it lol. My point of concern is that LAX is built on an outdated layout. See the pictures below for a better example;

The taxiway between the TBIT and West Gates of TBIT need to be updated. Also, the west gates of TBIT is missing in the game. There’s a terminal with jet bridges, but it’s blocked off and there is no pavement. If you could please update this, it would be lovely!!


I think this is because there needs to be new satellite imagery available before the airport can be edited, and I assume that’s not the case yet for LAX

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Hi there, our airport editing team are aware of this and will work when we can on LAX to get this out. There is no timeframe as many factors are at play (from quality imagery, 2D edits, 3D editor availability etc).


Exactly this. LAX will be updated as soon as the appropriate resources are available!