LAX Tower?

Is anyone having some issues contacting tower at KLAX in the training server? The tower is never responding to anything. Or is it just me. It seems like there’s an user active for that position but it’s not doing anything.

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I was gonna post something about that. I was trying to control there but it says that the controller was active 2 days ago??

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I have no clue, I tried contacting the tower yesterday and there’s no responses and the same thing happened today. Is someone just taking up the position and not doing anything? Because it said they’re active for 14 hours!?

It’s sad because lax is the most active airport in the training server and the tower isn’t directing flights AT ALL!

Thanks for the report, we’re disconnecting this user (server will be back in a minute or so, sorry for the interruption just now)


Yes! I was N736SD if you heard me over the ATC. I just took-off! I don’t know what he was doin. AFK?

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