LAX to Victorville in the 757


A friend and I decided to fly a commemoration flight to KVCV in the 757. A beautiful trip!

Expert server, Generic livery, 20 minutes flight time. A quick one 🛫

At LAX, ready to pushback

Parallel departure!


A low flyover before landing!

Slowing down

Parked in the graveyard.

It was a great flight!
Enjoy 😀


#rip757 #757Rework2025

Nice photos.


It was a fun flight! Can’t wait for the 757 to be reworked (IF you see this hmu so we can work out a deal). #757forever


RIP 757.

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I feel bad for you @MrMrMan 😂

Great pictures!


Great photos bro 👊🏻👨‍✈️

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I feel bad for the 757 that’s gonna sit in the hangar without a rework while it sees everything else get reworked and new planes get added.

I’m not ungrateful. I just have to have a change in thinking. The change hasn’t come yet.


Y’all so dramatic haha

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757 grave lmao RIP757 this thing NEEDS a touch up




Looking at these pictures actually made me somewhat emotional, in a sense. The 757 is a really dated aircraft that needs some love and a lot of coding. I still trust that the developers have heard us and are working towards this as well.

But for now, Goodbye 757. It’s not me, it’s not you, well…it’s definitely you. <3 :(


The developers, themselves, have directly addressed the Boeing 757 rework and said that it will be reworked, it’s just not coming yet. But, this is for another thread, not here.

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