LAX to San Francisco group flight

Hi so I wanted to make a mini event on infinite flight today at about 7PM Est time on training server and we will be flying from Los Angeles to San Fran there is no gate assignments but please let me know if you are coming and if you have any questions.Best regards

But I am just making a mini event

Please put this in #live:groupflights and follow the correct format

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But I am not in that type of rank to create it there how can I get the rank?

I believe you can change the category to #live:groupflights - you are TL1

Just keep liking, commenting and being active and you’ll be TL2 in no time.

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Hey Anas

You are only TL1.You have to be TL2 (member) in order to post in Events.Keep liking, posting and contributing to the community and you will get there :)

When you have access too #live:events make sure to follow the guide lines!

It is just going to be a normal event so can you please join

@Aviation-21 he can change this to #live:groupflights

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A #live:groupflights needs to be within 3 hours of the current time. Please check the rules of the #live:groupflights category to follow the formatting rules.

The #live:events category is for more organized events with assigned gates in the future. You need to be trust level 2 to post an event.