I am planning on flying from LAX to Honolulu tonight and i have a few questions.

  1. What plane should i use. (A350 so i can go faster?)
  2. What should i cruise at
  3. Where can i find a flight plan.
    And 4. I will be driving to my ski house, and wont have WiFi should i fly solo or on the live server and get kicked off.
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That’s up to you. We’re not gonna boss you around.

I like to cruise at 36,000

use A SimBrief account is needed, but signup is free

Do you have cellular data? That will keep your flight going while you are driving.


It’s not that. I am grade 2. I will probably just fly solo but i want to get landing credits. I could use hotspot from my phone.

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My answer:

  1. Use realistic airline/aircraft that use in real life flight but it’s all up to you

  2. Cruising depending on your weight of the aircraft

  3. You can use or

  4. If you’re gonna lose internet during flight, I recommend fly on solo


Ok thanks!


Just so you know, you need a connection for both multiplayer and solo! It’s needed for tha airports and global scenery to load in.




ID Type Via Altitude (ft/m) Name
KLAX APT - 0 / 0 Los Angeles Intl
MALIT FIX - 35,700 / 10,881
ROSIN FIX C1177 (AWY-HI) 36,000 / 10,973
FICKY FIX C1177 (AWY-HI) 36,000 / 10,973
FOOTS FIX R578 (AWY-HI) 36,000 / 10,973
FLITY FIX R578 (AWY-HI) 36,000 / 10,973
2900N-13400W LATLON - 36,000 / 10,973
2900N-13500W LATLON - 36,000 / 10,973
2900N-13600W LATLON - 36,000 / 10,973
2900N-13700W LATLON - 36,000 / 10,973
FLEXX FIX - 36,000 / 10,973
CORTT FIX - 36,000 / 10,973
BILLO FIX - 36,000 / 10,973
BEKME FIX R464 (AWY-HI) 36,000 / 10,973
BOARD FIX R464 (AWY-HI) 36,000 / 10,973
BITTA FIX R464 (AWY-HI) 36,000 / 10,973
SOMOH FIX R464 (AWY-HI) 20,300 / 6,187
PHNL APT - 0 / 0 Honolulu Intl

If you want realism, many airlines fly KLAX to PHNL in a bunch of different planes from the 737 to the MD-11 (FedEx). I would go on Flightradar24 and look for this route and a plane/airline that flies it and just pick one.

Since you’re traveling west, if I’m not wrong, choose an even number altitude like 32,000, 34,000 or something.

I use for my flight plans. My favorite is the SimBrief to IF feature but you can choose either method. The FlightAware to IF method is more simple.

Even if you fly on Live, if your connection goes out, you won’t be kicked off, but players won’t be able to see you until you reconnect. Your flight will continue as normal, so you can choose Live or Solo as you want.

Hope this helps!


No flying and driving please. Don’t want any drink and drive cases ensue.

Use a CRJ-200. It has a 6hr fuel tank so it should make it. Ultimately it’s up to you.

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Go to flight aware
Live track from airport
search Klax
Search for flights departing Klax to PHNL
Click on the company flying
Use the plane, call sign, altitude. flight path and speed of the real flight.

Enjoy and butter your landing!

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I’m probably use the A380 or something.

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This is first one I found

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Thanks! Thanks for that

Can i close this topic??

No, but I can ;)