LAX to MRY with parallel takeoff

I wanted to do a short flight. I also have not flown the CRJ in a while so I wanted to try it.

KLAX-KMRY CRJ900 expert server

Departing LAX with a United 737 going to SFO

Climbing over the ocean

Only stayed at cruising altitude for a few minutes

Descending over some hills

Landing probably on of my smoothest landing


Hey @Tyson_Johnston!
As a HOP! crj pilot for AFKLMVA, I know how hard of a plane the crjs are to land, so awesome job!

The first and the third pictures are 🔥

Great view!

I was right next to you while you were doing this flight! My callsign was UVAL404 i was in a UA CRJ-700 from Burbank, and landed just ahead of that UA 737. I remembered seeing you sail over those hills on final