Lax to Hawaii

I want to fly from LAX to Honolulu with a c-130j Coast Guard Plane but I can’t find a stopover point to refuel, any suggestions? By the way I would love to have a group flight. I’ll be doing it in the expert server

No stopovers between the mainland and Hawaii. All ocean until you get to the big island. If you really needed to, I think you could land on the ocean, stop and refuel, and take off again. Maybe.

If you want to make a group flight, read this category and follow the guidelines:

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The best thing you can do is have full fuel and fly to Moffett Airfield in the Bay Area or San Francisco, since they are closer to Hawaii by distance, although that may not be good enough either. If you want to attempt it, I’d suggest doing Hawaii to Los Angeles since it is a shorter flight by around an hour, with the winds favoring you. You can takeoff, fly a little bit, and maybe you can see if you’ll make it or not once you’re cruising.

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