LAX taxi


Not sure if people who fly to and from LAX, have ever flown into or out of LAX but when you are taxing to runway 25R, where myself and the ethiad plane are is where you supposed lineup for takeoff not where the United 747 is!! That is to cross runway 25R!

LAX would be a lot more organized and easier for controllers to decide who was ready to line up/take off first


Interesting however I can’t actually see anything on your screenshots. If you feel strongly about this then create an in-depth topic with diagrams and a full explaination with real world examples, charts etc


I’m assuming this is on training server- where controllers are still learning (hopefully!)


What?? I don’t understand


here is another picture where I(American) am trying to continue my taxi but the virgin aircraft is lining up there


So it looks like this? And by the way,there are 2 A320s merged together,and 2 aircraft on the runway.


I can’t see anything either, lel😝


Yes I see, that’s been an issues since the dawn of time, real stuff! Intersection departures are just something that people do, you will see this happening at most airports, we can’t expect though for everyone to realise that’s its only for crossing and so at Heathrow you will see similar things along with other major airports. I don’t blame them as I would takeoff from there also if I didn’t need the full length of the runway, that’s just my lack on local knowledge I guess.


Yes the 320s were lined up at taxiway Fox while from my understanding you line up in order still on taxiway Bravo


Definitely understand, frustrating to me when I need the full length but I get cut off by 5+ aircraft


The runway (25R) is almost 13,000 feet long. Do you really need all that length for takeoff? This is ample length for pretty much all aircraft even if they’re heavy. Taking off from F still gives you plenty of length remaining.


You win some, you lose some


Are intersection departures even realistic?


Yes. They are.