LAX Summer Spotting - July 2020

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I posted one of these. Because of the pandemic, I didn’t spot from LAX from February 15th until I drove down on July 22nd to spot Qantas’ final 747 landing and the takeoff 2 days later. Here are some of my favorites from those trips.

Of course, I have to start with the 747. While unfortunately it landed in less-than-ideal conditions, I was still super happy to have caught it.

Here’s another more artsy shot of the 747 later in the evening on the 22nd. Decided to play around and show some more detail in such an iconic plane.

Here’s another aircraft whose retirement was also imminent - the Delta 777 - being towed to her gate. I am glad to have seen plenty of these during my time spotting, however it was disappointing to see them leave the fleet since they seemed poised for a strong future with Delta prior to the pandemic.

Here’s another 777 from an American carrier - this time a United 777-300ER arriving from Guam at golden hour. These birds have been a pandemic-induced addition to LAX’s traffic and I’m not complaining. Would’ve been nice if it was their new livery though.

Yes, another 777, this time an EVA Airways one arriving over the famed In-N-Out park from Taipei.

Surprise! A third 777 in a row. This Philippine Airlines flight was something I have wanted to catch for years, and I finally got it right in the heart of golden light.

Here is probably my favorite shot of the year: a Lufthansa A350 making her own clouds as she heads to Germany. Not the sharpest photo I’ve ever taken, but the vapor was completely unexpected and was incredible to watch and photograph.

I’ve been working on my handheld panning and I’ll say it’s paid off. This Hainan A330 was carrying cargo off to China and these aircraft are still regular visits to LAX because of COVID.

And finally one more golden hour landing, with another Hainan aircraft carrying PPE in from China.

Thanks for all your support on past posts, I’m happy to share with you guys and I hope you enjoy these ones just as much!



cool shots!

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Very nice photos!

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Nice shots. I love the golden light on the 777s and that last 787

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Whoa first topic in like a year

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It’s super crazy how you figured that out!

Wow, serendipity.

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Wow Cameron very cool 😎

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counting is difficult

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Nice try but you totally stole this shot from me


That is a false statement sir

Thank you thank you thank you

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wow your photos are so poggers

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You’re too kind

Thats a very big clain you have threre. If it was stolen which i odnt belive it was, you should provide some evidence that it is before calling someone out like that on a public forum… how rude.

It was a joke lol

I’m not quite sure if your reply was a joke too, but he posted a similar shot and we had a nice Instagram comment exchange a while ago when I posted this.


Very Cool!

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Good to see you back! I feel like I haven’t seen your topics in awhile. Anyways, still good to have you back and great shots!

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That’s because you haven’t ;)

Thanks though haha. Much appreciated!

Joke… I have a very similar shot though