LAX Spotting: New year, New Planes (Top Ten Photos from Session)


Good evening/afternoon/morning everybody! I’m bringing you some photos from a spotting session I had on 2/9/2019!

Let’s get started!

#10 - Air France A380 getting ready to taxi to the gate:

#9 - American Airlines B737-800 living in ONE WORLD:

#8 - American Airlines A321 powering up past the clouds:

#7 - Saying hi to Air Bridge Cargo 747-8:

#6 - San Francisco Giants in LA Dodger Territory on this Alaskan A321N:

#5 - Are there anymore planes to love? Alaskan A321N:

#4 - Air China in a special paint! Air China B777-300:

#3 - An angelic American Airlines B787-9:

#2 - An old friend departs as he journeys north! Alaska Airlines B737-990:

#1 - Blasting out of L.A. in a very patriotic passion! American Airlines A321 accompanied by an Alaska Airlines A321N:

Thanks guys! I might post some honorable mentions down below later!

Please leave constructive criticism as it always helps me improve my shots!


Wow, stunning shots (I went there a few weeks ago and also saw the AF A380, Giants A321 NEO and the more to love, funny.


Oh I do like this one because it has no split scimitars! Cool photos!


lmao, I guess it’s a common hotspot for that stuff.


Actually it has no winglets period! I didn’t eaven know that there were 900s with no winglets…


Well you know what I mean😂 I think it means it’s not an ER then…


I thought the whole thing about the splits, then they gave em to all the 737s, quite honestly I don’t know… 😂


I think this 737 is one of the very few that doesn’t have a winglets at all. It’s probably considered an “ultra-rare” aircraft.