LAX spotting July 6th, 2020

Lax Plane Spotting July 6th, 2020

Qatar Airways a350-1000 departing to Doha

British Airways 787-9 departing to London Heathrow

DHL 777F departing to Cincinatti

Lufthansa a350-900 departing to Munich

Air China 777-300er departing to Beijing

United 787-8 departing to Houston

Fedex MD-11F departing to Memphis

United 777-300er departing to Honolulu

United 787-9 departing to Newark

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very nice! Those trees oh boy.

Now those are some great photos, well done! They’re awfully backlit though, so either some hard editing (PM me if you’d like to see what it could look like) or just brightening the photos will do the trick. I’m no spotter myself, but sometimes changing locations works with lighting (I’ve learned that from @Moritz’s and @AndrewWu’s posts 😂), but it’s fine if you can’t change location.

I’ve gotta say, that FedEx MD-11 with the sunset is absolutely stunning!

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The good old plam tree 🙄. Haha greats shots:)

@Lawin_S @ThomasThePro - I like the palm tree in some instances like the DHL
@Butter_Boi - I like having the natural lighting of the photos

Everyone’s different, they still look great!

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I love palm trees too and I live in a city that has it, but to be honest, here your shots are great! But when there are other objects in a shot it’s annoying cause you’re there for the planes not palms. I love the shots tho!

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That Fedex shot is beautiful! Nicely done.

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That Lufthansa A350 is beautiful! Just a suggestion, I would use snapseed’s correction tool to take out those power lines though. Love the photos! I hope that I can go plane spotting sometime soon

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