LAX spotting (from terminal)

Here are some pictures that I took from my trip to LA, the first couple are from when we landed, and the last are from waiting in the terminal to return home


Dang, you’re very lucky for spotting an A350! I’ve never seen one in real life before, yet.

Cool spotting photos!

Hello! Great photos! Please remember the 10 Picture Limit for the Spotting category. Please refer to the topic below of you need any more information:


Yeah! It was my second time seeing it in person! It is such an incredible aircraft. My first time seeing one was in the Philadelphia Airport, it was Qatar airways.

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Ah! Congratulations! The first time I saw a 787 was two years ago when I landed at Atlanta.

I got soooo excited! 🤣

Hopefully when I head back to Atlanta this year, I could see a Delta A350 possibly! :D

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Nice Photos…thanks

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LAX is an amazing spot to catch some shots in or out of the terminal considering it is my home airport and I love it so much 😉

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