LAX Plane Spotting

Here are a some of the pictures I took at LAX and the new terminal (currently being built). Hope you enjoy :)


The #real-world-aviation:spotting is the correct category to put this in :)

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Awesome photos though! My camera can not compare

Technically… You have to be TL2 to post #real-world-aviation:spotting pictures… But these pictures are amazing!

So before everyone starts to comment that you can’t post - I’m going to tell all of those people that they should just let a moderator decide. (It’s none of our decisions but the moderators)

What camera did you use?


Aw man. I never got to catch Spirit of Hong Kong. Nice shots dude


These photos are gorgeous the Etihad is my personal favorite

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I love that picture of the banana bus… great shots! :)

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A Nikon D300 with a 600mm lens.


Awesome photos! Great to see that the new Tom Bradley West is close to being done!

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I thuotht the spirit of Hong Kong licery was retried

600mm?! Woah!! That’s a hell of a powerful lens!

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Great collection of photos. The new terminal being built is an extension of the Tom Bradley Terminal which is slated to open in a year or two. I feel like LAX is ALWAYS under construction and it’s only gonna get worse leading up to 2028.

Great shots! I love the old Etihad livery.

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