LAX not rendering properly

Yes I have done that plenty of times.

Don’t put airplane count to none, and graphics settings low, because it is asking to be rendered to the lowest quality possible.

Ive noticed your android is 9??!!
Intial release date is August 6, 2018, thats 4 years out of date

Yes thats what i want is the lowest graphics possible i didn’t have any issues landing my other aircraft in SFO. Haven’t had any issues departing out of LHR. Haven’t had any issues going to JFK. So its not any graphics or storage issues it is LAX.

Yes i have android 9 and i use 10 Samsung S8 Actives.

This is 9 phones + the one i am using to take the photo

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Have you checked this out?

My phones are plenty capable thats why i still have them

Oh its confined to KLAX? Maybe there’s a bug and the android version need to be upgraded since you’re using Android 9

Blimey you got so many phones there! 🤯🤣

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The S8 Active is on the older spectrum of supported devices. Any longer flights into crowded airspaces or high density airports may not work especially well.


No my phones have the requirements to handle infinite flight i just recently did 10 long hauls 2 to NRT, 1 to HND, 1 to DXB, 1 to IST, 1 to DOH, 1 to MAN and SIN, 1 to SYD and 1 to AKL. Didn’t have any problems going into those airports and i went to those airports with android 9 so it has nothing to do with the android software.

I don’t know i fly into LHR all the time with like a 100 aircraft around LHR with no problems. I also flew in on cauual aerver and there was less then 20 aircraft in the airspace.

KLAX is far more detailed and larger than EGLL.

However, we are on a hunt to track down the issue about airports loading/disappearing like this. But we haven’t found the root cause to it yet.

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Thank you for letting me know that i hope this gets fixed soon. I have flown into SFO as well with no issues.

You set your aircraft count to none, lowest graphics settings and your (one of many) devices have Android 9 which is old by tech standards.
And you only have this issue approaching KLAX?

Sorry but i can’t help you any further than what I suggested. Hope you’ll find a solution

Ah, so that probably explains it.


Yeah i have only had this issue in LAX

I have also had this same problem but not only with KLAX, but also for example with KMIA and EDDM, it is in general with big airports.

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I have experienced the same Problem recently with airports such as KLAX and KMIA. Mostly it has not rendered at all on approach or I was able to land and once I’ve touched down, the rendering just switched to satellite mode again.

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