I have to merge these all together because it makes sense than make separate topics for it. Anyways here are some spotting pics from my trip. First LAX.
Lufthansa 747


Delta 767

Emirates Animal Pride Livery A380

Delta 737

KLM 747-400 and United 787

United 777-200 Wing

remember US Airways A320

Now LCY and some aircraft I never seen before
British Airways ERJ-190

I am really not familiar to some of the airlines that use the Avro aircraft. Can someone Identify please.

LuxAir Dash 8

Now Houston Intercontinental
A Lufthansa A380 taxiing and a United ERJ-175 taxiing to the gate

Only one for Houston sadly
Now Atlanta
This is either a Delta 757 or 767

Delta A330-300 parked and the one I’m on is also a Delta A330-300

Southwest 737-700 New Livery

when you non rev with Delta and you get the worst seat. Delta 717-200 engine. First time flying one.

An American Airlines MD80 parking at the gate.

Last Dublin
Etihad 777

The delta A330 I took

Aer Lingus A321

Some inflight Photos
Climbing to cruise altitude

Sunset at cruising altitude

Morning now

Starting decent and flight spoilers deployed

Descending into London Heathrow

Landed now and some armed spoilers

All of these were token with an iPhone 4 and 4s. So you can say I used an iPhone 8s.


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