LAX landing

Aerologic 488
Flight Time 11.37
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So I decided to follow BOX 488 real life flight in real time, I copied their flight plan from Flightaware and departed about 10 mins after the real flight.

The flight took us just south of Iceland and then across Greenland and Canada before heading into LAX.

The real flight landed on 25L but I decided to land on 7R due to that was the runway other pilots were using in IF (if LAX was empty I would of landed 25L just like the real flight as the wind was light)

So here are a couple of shots from that flight.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

(These are unedited)


Very nice!

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The 4th picture had me concerned for a sec bc it looked like you were gonna land on top of that Alaska aircraft


Wow nice pics! I like the ones with you landing and the Alaska 737 taking off

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Yeah I know. Haha. He was lined up on 7L. But he didn’t start rolling till I had slowed right down so 👍 for that.
I’m not sure if they would do that in real life. The runways are quite close together.

Ah damn, I watched that land in real life but didn’t get a shot of it. Cool to know someone was flying in IF along with it! Great shots!


Now that would of been really cool to see.

I do like flying routes in real time.
Once i was departing PHNL in a FedEx MD11 for YSSY at the same time as the real flight I had LiveATC running in the background tuned into tower and i got the take off clearance from them. I recorded it too. Was pretty awesome and to arrive in YSSY a few mins behind the real flight

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Also to respond to this:

They wait until the landing aircraft crosses the threshold generally, just for wake turbulence reasons I believe.

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Wow. Nice to know that it was kinda realistic.

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