LAX Jetpack man

I like that he put a penguin in the thumbnail.

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Club penguin will never die. Ever.

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Why they put a photo taken in Dubai?

All I can say is that it’s:

How did nobody see you @Z-Tube? 😛
Jokes of course, we all know that it’s not @Z-Tube.


but maybe it is

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I’m sorry…wut!!!

That’s the most random thing I have seen all day 😂

Me: tries out new jetpack
Every other plane on approach in LAX:



Well… We have an interesting story breaking from the YouTube department. Apparently someone named “Airrack” On YouTube did a prank to prank the world and the FBI about spotting a man with a jet pack up for Los Angeles international airport. The full YouTube video is now published.


Can I get a TL;DR I can’t watch YT on my phone 😂

I somehow don’t believe what they did is true but it’s still so funny!

Doesn’t change the fact that airline pilots reported it through PIREPs to the tower…
I mean sure they faked the whole “we got it on video” thing but doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

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I was gonna make another topic about this but I saw this so here we go

Ok so on 12/21/20, he was sighted again. This time he was recorded by a pilot academy.

Here’s the video

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The saga continues. I renamed this so this can become something of a pseudo tracking thread I suppose. No point in making a new topic for every sighting.

Now we wait to hear from him again. 😂

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Very cool, I have a feeling he’ll be back if the FBI doesn’t get to him first lol

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The area where he’s flying is one of the busiest practice/training areas in SoCal, and people do air-to-air radio calls, not necessarily talking to ATC.
This situation with the jetpack there is just ripe for an accident.


Ya so far none of the places he has been spotted would be what one may call, shall we say desirable air spaces for this sort of thing. Playing with an unauthorized Jetpack is one thing miles away from the nearest airport low to the ground, but a few thousand feet up in the approach to LAX, then in this busy air space off the coast is borderline suicidal. I have no idea what this guy is playing at but hopefully there aren’t any incidents. Not only would he surely he killed, but given what birds can do to planes I don’t even want to imagine what even a small person with metal strapped to his back would do.


@CaptainSooraj and @KPIT , that’s probably why the FBI is involved with the FAA

Exactly. To add on to what you said about the effects of getting possibly ingested into the engine though, It’s one thing to have an engine failure in the air during cruise or something… But low to the Ground??? On a heavy? On approach? Yea that’s a whole different danger if the crew can’t make a landing due to the sudden engine loss.

And for the people who even supported the person creating this “jet pack”… If something happened to them and/or an aircraft I can’t even imagine how many felony charges they would be facing.

This is like a thread to track UFO sightings at this point


In theory a jet should be able to lose one engine in final and be fine. Not the sort of thing you want to test though. With something that big hitting the plane though I wouldn’t be surprised if perhaps more could even happen, especially if it hit Jetpack first a piece of metal with 200+ maybe even pushing 300 lbs of weight behind it with the jet pack included may make a good run at puncturing the fuselage or doing serious damage to a wing. Especially a bigger plane would probably be all things considered fine, but a Cessna type aircraft is almost certainly toast.

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