LAX inbounds until now

Sounds like chaos 🔥


Wow 346 😭!

A little bit more right now:

Im glad im not flying in or out of lax rn

and then theres me flying from detroit in an a330…

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Someone will have to fly over LAX city for 3-4 hours before landing today 🥹


Using 25L and 24R for landings only and 25R and 24L for departures only, not at all.

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Please move this to the Live category, unless you’d like to create a community event in Los Angeles.


I was flying a Nippon Cargo 748 to narita and i used 25L cause irl it used 25L and I did check the atis and it is allowed

Didn’t noticed. Done. Thank you.

i just departed from los angles and its not that bad

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