LAX-HNL Trip report

Last night I flew from LAX-HNL. It was a pretty good flight. I had arrived from Denver and had a short 30 minute connection to HNL it was very tight but luckily everything cane in one piece. I sat in seat 3A.There wasn’t much to see except a beautiful sunset over the pacific.

took this shot from when I arrived from Denver Departure our of LAX Beautiful sunset over the pacific !Some nuts and some Cranberry juice.
Approach into HNL
On final at HNL
Hope you enjoyed the trip report!


Looked great! Love that picture of the Singapore 77W.


Hope you had a lot of fun! Always fun to fly :)


The sunset is spactacular!


Yeah I know we were chasing the sun for about 2 hours of the flight it was so pretty

I also forgot to mention that I forgot to take a picture of the meal and cookie I was super hungry so I was dying to eat

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