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Hey everyone. Some of you my remember me from back in the day when I posted some spotting photos on the IFC. Well, I look to return to that very soon as @Matt737 and I will be going to LAX for 2 nights to do some spotting! I am aware that a lot of people are from LAX, and we wanted to possibly meet up with some of y’all. ( We are from Houston, we don’t know our way around LAX ).

We will be departing IAH at 8:00pm on UA 1842 (777-222) on December 7th (Friday). We will be leaving on Sunday at around 7:00pm from LAX. (December 9th). We will need some tips from the LAX spotters on here, so leave us those in the replies. If you want to meet up just PM me :)

HOUSTON UPDATE: Rankin road (The best spotting place in Texas) has now been closed for construction. It will be missed.


I also recently upgraded my gear to a new 80D - which should be superior to my older T5. I’m also renting a lens (100-400 IS II) for this spotting trip.

Go to clutter’s park for the best takeoff shots. Go to the in n out near runway 24R and take some videos of landings.

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We’re leaving LAX at 8:40am on Spirit 216 😂

Also I talked to Kyle, and he said he may make it down with AJ and Ryan.

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i thought 8:40pmm. kyle said he would be there on saturday around noon w/ ryan. didnt say anything about AJ

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Hello! If you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can contact me here or on my other social media platforms (let me know if you need them).

I’m from LA and I always go to LAX for plane spotting and I have some AMAZING spots you can go to.

Equipement: Nikon D300
600mm Lens ;)

Here are my favorite spots:

  1. In-n-Out (9149 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045) it’s is right at the end of runway 24R

  2. Clutters Park (423 E Imperial Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245) the view of LAX from the opposite side (runways 7L/25R and 7R/25L)

  3. Westchester Pkwy and Colegio Dr right on the bridge above Lincoln Blvd.

Here are some pictures that I took from those locations:

In-n-Out (took this photo from the garage right next to In-n-Out)

Clutters Park

The Bridge



Awesome! I think we’ll spend most of our time at Clutters Park and the 96th bridge.

The north side spotting areas like Westchester Bridge and In and Out will be backlit, but this is the perfect time for Clutters park, as there isn’t really any heat distortion and there is great lighting! I wish I could meet with you two!

The bridge is the place to go ;)

I’ve spotted there 2 times. Will try to find some photos to send u. But it’s a great spot

Watch out for red ants and fire ants here. I’ve been bit by them before at the westchester location before.

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