LAX Career Day

Hi IFC! So on November, Wednesday the 9th 2022, im going to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) for an aviation career day, i’ve never been before since i am only a junior but they invited me since i’m into aviation so much 😅. If there’s anyone who works at LAX what can i expect?


I don’t work at LAX, but I do work at Melbourne Airport in Australia. If you are wondering what working at an airport is like, the people there are different to any other workplace I have worked in.

Working in aviation, no matter the role or the position is like a family. Everyone understands each other, especially with shift work and the unpredictability of the aviation industry where banding together and working as a team is necessary to achieve the end goals of achieving on time departures as well as ensure the safety and security of all passengers and fellow employees.

Wishing you the best of luck at the career day!


I too, did not work at LAX, but I worked at Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong and I can back this up, I have also heard it from people I know abroad, it is universal I think, so you can probably expect the same at LAX.

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