LAX ATC Ground and Tower - Runway 25R

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New to the community but have been operating online for a few months now. I was hoping to get some guidance on overcrowding of 25R for departures. The South side of LAX appears to be the preferred gate location for most pilots on the training server. When on Ground I make an effort to distribute traffic between 24L and 25R; however, it doesn’t always go over well with pilots on the field. Is it common practice for ATCs to grant every runway request or is pushing back on requests the way to go? I know that when I operate tower at LAX it can get a little overwhelming having pilots fight for position on 25R. Any thoughts on the topic are greatly appreciated! If this topic already exists on another thread let me know.


Well, first of all, the training server is kind of a free for all (especially at KLAX). People have the idea that it’s their way or the highway, which is a disadvantage when trying to control the field.

If you can get people to listen to you, You are allowed to assign a different runway from what they request. ATC has the last say. When traffic is clogged at 25R, you can send more to 24L.

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“25R at KLAX is the ‘ look at me landing while you’re holding short ’ runway. This is why people land there. Has nothing to do with aircraft size or fighter runways other people mentioned above.
The best tip, apart from the one you’ve already had (work towards IFATC), is to avoid KLAX (and KSFO, EGLL, etc) on Training Server. It’s a breeding nest for noobs and other pilots you don’t see so much on other (really cool) airports.
Have fun and all the best with preparing for IFATC.”

Aptly summed up by @azeeuwnl in another post regarding people’s preference to land on 25R of all the runways. Same goes for the departures.


I am seriously fed up because almost everyone wants 25R. 24L is a great alternative but nope, everyone wants 25R. I was ATC on training server at KLAX yesterday and there was a line of 8-9 planes (Almost all A380s) to enter 25R, because they weren’t willing to go to 24L.


As stated above, you will never gain control of KLAX. However, in the expert server, we will assign aircraft to runways that make sense and allow continuity of flow. If, coincidentally, they request the same runway we were going to assign them, then that’s a harmless win win. But requests aren’t commands, so realistically it’s up to you.


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