LAX arrival question

Does anyone know what runway does international arrivals generally use for LAX? 24R or 25L? Or will it vary?

Generally 24R. It mainly depends on their location of arrival, which 90% (not official figures) come by the Las Vegas Arrival (also not official arrival name)


It varies, but I would say that 70% land at runway 24R, but I not guarantee you anything

A majority are sent up north to 24R considering most international flights are coming in from the northeast/Europe or northwest/Asia.

Morning arrivals from Latin/South America usually land on 25L.

International cargo usually lands on 25L as well because it’s next to the cargo area.

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Depends on a lot of factors including which direction are you approaching from, active runways currently etc. Best way to be most realistic is to check FR24 for on the spot info.

Thank you guys. Most likely will be spotting there tomorrow that’s why I’m asking

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Some depend on the gate as well, like if you flew Aeromexico, their gates are up North so you’d land 24R but for American International or just domestic, 25R is their landing spot

To elaborate, the Las Vegas Arrival is also known as the JANNY5 arrival which uses 24R. It also goes to surrounding airports.

The ANJLL4 is the primary star for arrivals from the east, but ends up being a tossup as to which runway gets assigned.
At a certain point, LAX is just pure luck.

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Varies on the STAR-generally speaking as folks have said-it’ll be 24R for the transpacific flights coming in from the North/West time of day and occasionally which side of the TBIT the flight is heading to if a quicker taxi can be accommodated.

Take today for instance-the NAN-LAX Flight is coming in on the SADDE8 instead of the GOATZ1 which is usually the arrival they file coming from Fiji/Hawai’i/South Pacific etc. Looking at the Melbourne-LA flight QF95, they’ve landed both 25L and 24R depending on which arrival.

FR24 is a great baseline tool to check out stuff with. Playback some flights of interest and you’ll see that it really all does change day to day-likely based on traffic flow, and which routing is filed by the flight. Even NZ2 (AKL-LAX portion) has landed 25L/24R on different days.

The JANNY5 is for VNY/BUR iirc.

The “Las Vegas Arrival” or the arrivals would be the ANJLL for 25L/24R or the BOGET arrival for the optional vectors for either runway set-and to pass near Vegas they’d need the HKMAN or OTOOL transitions on the ANJLL or the PURSE or WNCHL transitions on the BOGET
I’ve circled the Vegas area and the transitions.


If you are going to go spotting there at KLAX. I would suggest the in’ n’ out by rwy 24R. You can have a meal and watch planes approach right overhead in the park next to it


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