LAX and Aspen are staffed but not Chicago O'Hare?

Feel free to close this topic once I’ve been answered, but why are Aspen (with only 2 inbound arrivals) and LAX, both of which are not featured airports, staffed by IFATC, while Chicago O’Hare, with more than 20 inbound arrivals and on the featured airports list, isn’t? Shouldn’t IFATC be prioritising the featured (and busier) airports first?

Sorry for creating a whole new topic, I wasn’t sure where to post this since replies are locked on the ATC schedule.

UPDATE: Aspen has been closed but Lehigh Valley Intl (a mainly GA / light aircraft airport) is now staffed

This airport is open because the controller has not ranked up to do class B airports, and all of the featured airports are Class B.

In short, he can choose an airport in the highlighted region (USA).

When I opened KASE about an hour and a half ago, all frequencies on the Featured Airport List were taken - this means that it opens up to become ATC choice within the region (and within region). With Aspen being such a beautiful and unique location, I chose this airport to open.

Also please note that all of the featured airports are Class Bravos. This means that our new apprentice controllers can not open these airports and in substitute, they open a Class Charlie airport within region (and reason).


@Thunderbolt @Balloonchaser Ah okay of course… that makes sense now

I still don’t understand why LAX is open though…

We’ve had constant traffic at LAX, and we decided to control it so that the SFO departures don’t leave LAX at a rate of 5 per minute.

Our SFO controllers were stampeded today…

Okay I’ve re-read @Balloonchaser’s reply, I understand now, thank you for all your helpful replies!

KORD Tower, Ground, and ATIS is now open, good day

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Excellent! haha

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