LAX Air-to-Air Spotting | 06 March 2022

Hey guys! Been a while since I posted one of these! Earlier this month, I stopped at LAX to finish up a weekend of traveling to meet up with @Guxk @AndrewWu @Altaria55 @Speedyyy and @robert_xing. They had two helicopter trips booked and I was lucky enough to be invited to join. Unfortunately, ATC wasn’t as kind as they’ve been in the past and my gear wasn’t completely up to the task as I didn’t know I would be doing this until the morning of, so some of these photos will be a bit of a departure from the normal quality I try to post. Excuses aside, here are 10 of my favorites from the hour above the airport.

An Atlas 747-8F departing off 25L with its shadow chasing it

Another shadow on this Atlas 777F. Gotta love the long shadows when the sun is low in the sky!

A China Eastern A330 over the classic In-N-Out park

That same A330 making first contact with 24R

Another Airbus from Asia, this time an A350 over the numbers from Seoul

An American A321 amongst the LAX “scenery” as it departs 25R

Another A321, this time from the other side, departing past the maintenance hangar

An American 787 also departing past some airport infrastructure

Staring straight down at Alaska’s More to Love A321neo

A Southwest 737-800 making itself look big as it turns onto 24L

It was awesome to finally make an IFC meetup of some sort. I’m super grateful they all decided to come out here; I had a blast. Again, I know the quality of some of these is sub-par, but I hope they’re still enjoyable from a motive point of view. Let me know what you think, I’ll post some more standard shots (sharper but from the ground) at another point down the line too.


Simply simply lovely.


These kind of shots are without a doubt unique and incredibly good looking. Seems like everyone had a great trip, and got tons of really cool shots… I guess now back to your home airports to spot… ewww… normal traffic from the ground.


Nice shots Cam!

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Stameron cone chain ⬇️


sameron ctone

The return of the king


Thos shots



@Adam Thank you!

@Ecoops123 For sure! Haven’t been able to get this opportunity since 2018, so not quite once in a lifetime for most of us but close enough haha. Much appreciated!

@MJP_27 Thanks!

@AndrewWu How did you expect that to work on the IFC

@Kamryn Yes

@Robertine I wouldn’t go that far by any means but thanks haha

@AviationZyYT Thank you so much!


These are incredible! They remind me a lot of a book I had from when I was little. It had pictures just like this. So this felt rather nostalgic lol

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What camera did you use?

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This is cool Cameron 👎

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he has a Nikon D5500


Like Andrew said, I have a Nikon D5500. I took these with a Nikkor 70-300mm lens, which wasn’t nearly enough haha.

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I think you used the wrong emoji. No worries though, everyone makes mistakes!

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