LavernDavisJr1’s ATC Tracking Thread closed

Username 👤 : Davistar FDXVA

Current operations count: 6️⃣5️⃣6️⃣

Location 🗺 : KPHL

Frequencies 📶 : Ground and Tower

Server: Training

Open hours (Zulu): 🕑

Quote of the Day: “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”


  • I love the world of flight and all aspects of the aviation world
  • I would like feedback on spacing and timing
  • Please provide critique respectfully
  • I can do transitions and pattern work
  • I would like to provide the best operations for everyone to enjoy

Hello, do you often control? I am TSATC and I control a lot at very popular airports or depending on TSATC Schedule. Do you want to do a full ATC session with me sometime soon? If you want, I can provide service for Departure and Approach while you control Tower and Ground. Thank You.
PS: In order to provide high quality ATC, I recommend doing procedures like IFATC. Your choice though

Excellent choice! I also love the layout of your thread. Although I can’t fly for you tonight, I’ll do my best to come some other time 🙂

Sure I do like to control often

Cool. I might see if I can control San Francisco or Denver Intl. tomorrow at around 9-10 am pacific time, 12-1 pm eastern time. Just depends if the airports have all open frequencies. Otherwise if I change the time I will let you know through PM. I will be doing other ATC sessions throughout the day as well

Yes I’m always up for helping others when able, my goal is to gain enough experience to be able to give top notch ops for anyone looking for pattern work or just passing through

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