Laura's Plane (Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign N1TG)

N1TG Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign


From Kukulkan Avia on, click on the image for the source

Well, there’s not much to say other than this aircraft shares registrations with Laura, the co founder of Infinite Flight. Not only does it have that purpose, the livery is absolutely stunning! It is one of the best that I have seen on a private jet. I mean, look at the TG tail design! It also would bring better representation between Infinite Flight and private jets, as the only one currently is the C750, which does get tiresome to fly, in my opinion. It would make an amazing addition to Infinite Flight, and it would give Laura her own private jet!

So do you want the aircraft model or the livery? Both?

Well, both…

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You can only support one or the other, so here is the Citation Sovereign request:

Good luck!

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I think he wants to support the livery for that aircraft because he shared that specific registration.


isn"t N1TG tyler?

Tyler is N1TJ similar tho @CaptainLeo1

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Great aircraft… IF worthy? Not so much in my opinion, but cool paint job!!!