Laura Sighted @KLAS in Expert Server

Hi guys. I just completed a short but sweet flight from KSFO - KLAS and as I was shutting down at terminal 1 I noticed Laura chilling over at T3. Turns out she was flying from KLAS - KLAX in the generic (probably unreleased livery) A330-900. Got to watch her push, taxi, and take off, which was pretty cool, but it makes me wonder what she’s doing in the expert server doing a regular flight in a generic A330neo. The initial thought that came to my head was a new livery photoshoot, but that doesn’t make sense because she could do that privately in solo mode. She is currently in the air as I speak. Thoughts?


She’s probably making sure all bridges work


Or really just having fun in the sim

Laura’s always testing (breaking) things in-game. You’ll never know what she’s up to…


Laura hard at work just doing some Laura and Laura bot stuff.

Nothing to see here ;)

Feel free to share your Live Server Community Member Sightings here though: Laura and Laura Bot - Live Server