Laura Hangin Out

I’ve seen Laura around me for a while now. Whenever I spawn somewhere five minutes later she spawns near me. Hmm. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not. Do any of you know what she is doing? Maybe she’s doing some testing? I don’t know. I managed to capture this photo today. She has been at SFO for about 1 hour and has not logged a flight plan. Just being curious. Thanks
Laura is in the background

Please try not to tag staff unless its really really urgent. And even then it should be used precariously.


Laura has sort of just been sitting there for a while. Don’t mind her - she’s just enjoying the awesome looks of the C172


Oh. Thanks. I saw @Cbro4 flying around sfo in a Cessna too I believe. I was starting to get paranoid…

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Yep, I was flying my SR22 into CCR. Thanks for the spot!

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Laura? AT KSFO???



I have seen her in in idle positions many time…

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