Laura Getting Active With The IFC

Laura was spotted today at KLAX/LAX earlier this evening just chilling at the Tom Bradley Terminals. She sat there in the brand new A380 displaying her Blue Moderator emblem for all of LAX to know that she was the true King (or i guess Queen) of the Skies
πŸ‘‘ . Not sure if she is actually going to get active or if she will just continue to spot the A380 takeover at LAX.

Enjoy your new toy everyone, ill expect 2x as much traffic when the 73M8 and NEO drop out of the developers hands πŸ˜….

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Laura ❌

Lura βœ…

Jk but nice find, also saw her at LAX in December!


You have quite the camera, 17NM away πŸ˜…

Name tags still show a good distance away even if you can’t see them

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I saw her beta testing the a380 in november

Haha yep, she’s been there for quite awhile now I wonder what they’re up to. Almost to LAX πŸ‘

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Is she still there?

Name tags show as far as 50nm from you, before they disappear.