Laura deserves a nobel prize

Guys we deserves our lives!! Look at this look how hard she worked on it not that its finished yet but comeone guys like this us really been the best update coming yet we ow laura everything! 😃😃


oh thanks laura

I love how the continent borders are marked out.


I’m so happy I’m getting a new device next week.
My 3 year old Samsung Galaxy S2+ wouldn’t be able to handle this.


Just saying but Airport editors are actually the ones besides the admin team that make all of that possible in that time. Lets just all help together to achieve what we want in the future


What is the device.

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On pourra bientôt voler où on veut oklm xD

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@Q-ENAN bienvenu sur la communauté ! Actuellement il est interdit de poster un message en français étant donné que la langue autorise est l’anglais d’autant plus dans les sujet publique.

Seule la catégorie #support:francais est disponible en francais mais uniquement pour des requêtes d’aide, de support.

Ton message à été signaler et va être supprimé. Cela ne te causera strictement aucun problème.

Merci et excellente journée !

To English users, I have just explain to @Q-ENAN that he couldn’t speak in French inside this category. Please flag his message.

Thanks !


Oh My, this is unreal. I’m so happy I saw it. THANKYOU LAURA!!!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about Pyongyang Aieport (ZKPY) that’s on the map!

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Why do you think that is confirmed?

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The work airport editors do is only a small amount compared to the work done by FDS. We’d still have worldwide airports without editors, but they’d be of lower quality - the editors are doing a great job of bringing airports up to an amazing standard :)


The airports look very nice. Seems like global is going somewhere with Global and the borders are nice too.

Yep, however IFAE guys do it because of passion and to assist the FDS team and to allow for faster progress. At least thats what I think :D You as head of IFAE should keep up the good work done by your supporters and yourself. Probably they gonna design future aircraft for FDS too ;)

Uselessness!!! Thank you so much Laura!!!

Sorry I meant Yyyyeeeesss!!

Auto correct you know these days. Um um um.