Launched into space southwest of LAX

Good point, probably not gonna end well trying to use orbital mechanics on a flight sim

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I was considering the gravitational slingshot at first, but it wouldn’t explain my differences in speed in a vacuum

I assume that underneath the surface, IF is not coded, as it is intended to crash the pilot. The surface is “impenetrable”, except for select locations. Now, this would leave nothing in the way except for gravity. The gravity is around the world and most likely center at a point in the center. This would mean that as I went into the earth at an angle, I would accelerate around the point, turning and getting launched back out of the surface upwards and sideways. This would lead to my extreme speed, escaping gravity of the atmosphere or glitching in place

If I wanted to do this intentionally, how should I go about it? Should I have my landing gear down on purpose? What speed and angle of crash? Thanks!

I did this in the F22 a couple of days ago… I reached about 17million feet and then it just stopped climbing.

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