Launched into space southwest of LAX

So a few hours ago I was flying at 12k feet in an F-14 at about 700 kts (bad idea)
Suddenly, my autopilot fails and sends me straight into the ocean and I had no time to correct it. Normally it would crash, but instead, is accelerates to 200,000 kts and got launched into space!!
Flying at ~2,200,000 fpm, after 10 minutes settled into an orbit over the Atlantic Ocean, able to see North, South America and Africa


Glad you had your landing lights on ;)


Was a little distracted to turn them off 😂

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!!!Wow!!! Amazing

@IF787 I could only imagine! hahah
Guess we could officially say you’re at the forefront of leading the SpaceForce!


Looks amazing :)

Lol when most people try this it’s on purpose this might be one of the first accidental space missions in infinite flight haha.


Not orbit but rather a bug that keeps you in the air for some reason

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Um, who ever flagged this, can they pm me to tell me why, just curious…


Who the hay flagged that post 😂

Can someone please tell me if a moderator or someone will pm me to tell me the reason of my post being flagged? I don’t understand why it was flagged, I’m a bit annoyed

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I can still see it though… cool

On top of that, this was like just after I escorted a NASA plane.

I orbited for about 2 hrs then exited because there was no way to come back down

Well, IRL, you couldn’t come down from space while in orbit with a jet engine, as air is needed for them to function

Yes but orbit requires you to be travelling at 7800m/s parallel to the ground. Can’t achieve that in IF, you just experienced a bug that keeps you stuck in the air

That is true.

I crossed North America in 5 minutes though

But that’s before you got stuck. You just had the kinetic energy from the first bug which shot you in a random direction at highspeed

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Are you applying laws of physics to a glitch in IF?

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