Launch problem 17.04.0

Hello, I have serious problems with the launch of Infinite Flight Simulator 17.04.0, at first the game has quietly started up and as soon as I press any button in the main menu the game crashes. Device from the manufacturer Samsung model Galaxy Tab Pro version of Android 5.0.1 Please tell me how to solve this problem will be very grateful. : D

Hello! Have you tried reinstalling the app? Thanks for contacting IFC for support!


If you can, try updating Android. 5.0.1 is pretty old and Infinite Flight might have some trouble running on it.

Hello Ibrahim,

I had this problem but on a different device but the solution should be the same.

  • Restart the device

  • Reinstall Infinite flight

  • Restart the device at least once a day(keeps the device fresh)

The app should run smoothly.

If the problem persists the other friendly community members and moderators may assist you.

Good day.


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