Launch of LuxAero Virtual Airline [Now Luxair]

Dear Infinite Flight fans,

I am happy to announce the launch of LuxAero, a premium passenger and cargo airline group for Infinite Flight. Have a look at our website and join up today! Looking forward to welcoming many of you to the LuxAero family.

Kind regards,

Alex No - CEO LuxAero VA Group


Dude, I love your website. You took time into this!


Thank you :-)


It’s extremely well designed. Make sure to check out Sketch Flight if you need any Logos, Liveries, ideas or even an advanced website :)

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Finally someone who you can see from that they spent time and effort for their airline…
I’d happily join if I wasn’t too stressed out with what I am already doing.
My full praise, well done!


I’d like to join! Your VA looks great!

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Should I submit an application?

Great to hear! Yeah please do, then I can keep better track in my mail inbox!

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Thanks for the tip! Do you have a link?

I submitted one!

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So can I join?

Yes @Nicholas_L , was going to write you a message. Welcome aboard :-)

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I’m not going to direct you to our website, but hears our avert thread. It will have the links and info you require. :)

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Thanks, will have a look!

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Are you still hiring

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I believe we are!

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I will pm you

I have pmed you

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Check pm cus I sent 1

Hi there jjt, yes we are. You can apply via the form on our website!

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