Launch Error

When I touch to open the app it freezes like 3 seconds, then I have a black screen and at the end a white box appears saying “Unfortunately, Infinite Flight has stopped” and it goes to the home screen. : I

Did you verify that you have enough available storage on your device? Just a simple thing like this could cause an issue

Yeah, I even uninstalled 2 apps for it to make space

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Can you confirm for me please if your device is jailbroken, rooted, or modified in any way?

No, the device is mine. :I

And I don’t believe it has been modified in anyways, it was new from the company.

I guess I’ll just have to wait for an update or something, maybe that’ll fix the problem.

See if your carrier has an update for your OS. You may have to do forced search update. Look for Marshmallow 6.0.1 or newer

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Please contact me at with a purchase receipt and I’d be happy to assist further. Unfortunately this does seem to be a device performance issue after looking at your current device’s specifications. Thanks for your patience and understanding!