Launch Error

Hey, I’m new around here, I just bought the app and when I try to launch it says “Unfortunately, Infinite Flight has stopped” and I’ve tried everything, can anyone help me please, I really wanna use/play this app! 😔😯😊

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Thanks for contacting support!

Have you tried a re-install of the app?



Can you please tell us what phone/pad your using?
And is it jailbroke or modified?

Yeah I tried the reinstallation, and now idk what to do next.

Can you provide us more information regarding device, version and if it’s modified or not…

I think is an Alcatel One Touch powered y Android version…5 or something like 5.1.1

Is an Alcatel One Touch, Android powered, version 5.1.1

@Captain_Eagle Is the device jail broken or hacked?

Ummm I don’t know…

Try refreshing the phone, restart the phone completely and if that doesn’t work, give a go at resetting the device. If the problem still occurs then unfortunatly I wouldn’t be able to help. This could be a problem on your end or Infinite Flight which would need staff attention if the above technique don’t work :)

That could be issue, it’s pretty important we know if it is :)

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@Captain_Eagle Is it your device?

Did you download it off play store?

Yeah, of course, I thought you mean like some other code stuff or something…

And yeah I got it from Play Store

Try the techniques from above, if that doesn’t work, it could be a problem on your end or Infinite Flight which would need staff attention. We need to get you urgently onto this amazing game, that your sadly missing out on :(

Yeah I really was impressed by the trailer I saw on You Tube… :(

Well thank you for your time guys, really appreciate it, I’ll try all those techniques, thxs.

You mentioned your phone was an Alcatel one touch - is it possible you could send a link to the exact device or send a screenshot About Device (in settings) - I’ve searched and found quite a few Alcatel phones marketed as “One touch” and knowing the specific model may help us troubleshoot your issue.

Thanks, John

Is the Fierce XL , that’s the most specific about my phone’s mark.

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