Lauda Europe Virtual Sign-up thread

Lauda Europe is hiring! Please send your applications here.

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@WingsofAustria - This is the second time I have to step in.

In order to create a Virtual Airline or Organisation, you will need to visit and fill up the application form.

You can read more about us in the topic below and you can also message @IFVARB if you have any questions!

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I need to find members to fill out the form.

That is not a requirement, you can post on the Staff Request Thread as soon as you’re in the process of approval.

Before having pilots apply to your Virtual Airline and to advertise on IFC, you must apply at IFVARB first and you must get approved. If you are trying to hire staff, use the Prospective VA Staff Request Thread.

Please review the guidance provided on the IFVARB thread for information regarding virtual airline applications/hiring processes. Thank you!

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