Lauda Europe Virtual Presents:26OCT22 Austrian National Holiday! @LOWW

Let’s get more signups!

Last change! If you have an ATC who is also in the OSVA, is not an OSVA sponsorship.

So please remove the OSVA from this thread or i will let it be done!



no its not lol

Lauda Europe is not even a VA, @Ryanair.Virtual has them under their umbrella man… If you look on the IFVARB that is very clear it does not exist.

🤣 Lauda Europa does not exist as an VA!

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Actually, mind if I shoot you a quick message, I have a question.

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Dear @BP-Aviation,

From Wikipedia: Lauda Europe Limited is a Maltese low-cost airline operating on behalf of its parent company Ryanair. The airline offers wet lease flights for Ryanair and charter services.

So Lauda is an Airline that is part of the Ryanair Group, which we rappresent in Infinite Flight, officially approved from the IFVARB. If you want to fly the routes, feel free to apply. But please do not spam things that are not real.


In sincerity,


Ryanair Virtual

Check here!

Official Site - Official 2022 Thread - Apply now

Ryanair Virtual

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Apologies, I thought it was just Lauda not Lauda Europe, but that is a different matter. I think there was a misunderstanding as what I was saying was the VA is Ryanair not Lauda as I mentioned they were under the Ryanair group…

It’s not even a full subsidiary.

And if you don’t operate flights under Lauda Europe It’s basically free for all to use.

We do ;) please inform yourself before you say things. However the IFVARB has been informed.

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It may not have been listed but the airline is currently finishing final testing.

Ah that is why I could not see it on the IFVARB list then, because it is still in registration.

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Ah Lorenzo, apologies for confusion then, did not see it on IFVARB, hence why I said what I did.

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Lauda Virtual is NOT an approved organisation. Because you applied, it does not mean that you will be pushed through.

Please modify your thread and title accordingly, otherwise the thread will have to close.

On behalf of the IFVARB Admin Team,


Could I get this and any chance I could use the LOT B738 instead?
F55 LOT E170 Warsaw Chopin (EPWA)

I’ll fly this flight do you I guess.

We need more sign ups!