Lauda Air 767-300

Lauda Air was an Austrian Airline based at Vienna airport.
Founded in 1979, commenced operations in 1985, and it stopped service in 2013, merging into Austrian airlines.
It had a fleet of 66 (including 23 767s which this topic is about).
The “Austrian way to holidays” served 38 destinations.
It could hold a crew of 2, 270 passengers at a top speed of 528 MPH, at a service ceiling of 43,100ft.
It had a range of 5975NM. MTOW is 400.000 IBS and MLW is 320.000 IBS.
It was 180ft 1 inch long and had a wingspan of 156ft 1 inch.
Photo by Aero Icarus (on FLICKR)

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