Lauberhorn Ski Race: SWISS airshow

Every year at the Lauberhorn Ski Race in Wengen, Switzerland, SWISS International Airlines and Patrouille Suisse with its F-5 jets deliver an amazing airshow.

It’s extraordinary to see those beautiful planes in the Swiss mountains in action.

2018: Bombardier CS300

2017: Bombarider CS100
Patrouille Suisse mit Swiss Bombardier C Series Lauberhorn Training 2017 - YouTube (360 degree view)

2016: Airbus A321

2015: Airbus A320

The formation flights of Patrouille Suisse and SWISS International Airlines are always a highlight. This is my country. This is my airline.

Little bonus: Airbus A330 and Patrouille Suisse at the Air14 Airshow in 2014


Wow, that looks amazing!

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Such a cool looking airshow. I love seeing the patruille Suisse. (Psst they have F5 jets not f15😉😉)


@morgan99 Argh, of course you’re right. I want to hit myself for that mistake 😂


I wish I would have been there. 😍
Love how Swiss always try to share such content on social medias - it always looks fantastic!

SWISS + Patrouille Suisse + ski & mountains = ❤️

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It’s all good😁😉. Such a great team, saw them at RIAT here in the Uk last year, looking forward to seeing the Swiss F18 and PC7 team this year at Air Tattoo.

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SWISS just uploaded several videos about the Lauberhorn Ski Race in Wengen. All of them are in Swiss German, with English subtitles. Check them out:


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