Latvian Independence and Ryanair at Gatwick | July 5th, 2020

Hello everyone,

So today being a boring day and with more and more and more flights resuming, the best thing to do is to go planespotting of course. I was excited to see the Air Baltic special livery en route from Riga to Gatwick.

Upon getting there I realised there also was a Ryanair inbound from Dublin and fully established on final so I had to leg it to the bridge in order to get a few shots of it too.

A few minutes later came the sleek beauty I was waiting for.

All photos were shot on the Canon EOS 1300D with a 75-300mm lens.

Let me know below if you like them and if I can improve anything :)

@Tsumia here’s your tag :)


Great pictures :)

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Nice ones!

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damn, no one tagged me

Air Baltic and Gatwick is the freaking best combo. Amazing spot, @D-AIXI!

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Cool shots!

@Tsumia here’s a tag


i have the same camera and probably the same lens! need to recheck the lens one

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Thank you @Luke_King-kong @anon79257371 @Tsumia and @NoahM. I do appreciate it.


Awesome photos!!

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I got my one with the additional lens for free during some promotion or sth. I’m still learning it but for any beginner it’s the best thing out there.

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completely agree! it’s my first dslr

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