@Latvia ATC Tracking Thread - Closed


Since I want to practice my ATC skills, I thought I’d make an ATC tracking thread as

  1. I want to practice my ATC skills

  2. I like being ATC

  3. EVRA is my home airport

Current status - Closed


Happy Independence Day Latvia!

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I am here if you want to work your ATC

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Please do!

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I did not understand what do you said 😅

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Should we take this to a PM?

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Yes of course if you want

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I’m now open at EVRA😁

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Patterns are welcome, if you want to fly somewhere (try EVLA in a Q400), that’s good too😀

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Closing in 15 minutes

I’m coming!
Doing some patterns and then departing to EVLA.

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Yeah that was just to make people have a sense of urgency😉😂

Now closed, thanks for coming! Had a fun 35 minutes 😁

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