Latin American Wings Boeing 737-300

Hey Guys and Gals! I believe this is my first Feature Request so please bear with me!
I was looking around FR24 and I saw an unfamiliar airline with a livery that says Law which is Latin American Wings.The Livery is very interesting!


I like it, it’s like a mix between TAM, and volaris


@CptNathanHope Ita A Boeing 737-33R. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Let’s just leave it as a -300 so it’s easier for people to search. :)


Looks nice! We need the 737 classic!

I like the tail section pattern with the blue! :)

I love the colouring scheme on the tail section ;)

Like Etihad’s tail but in a more attractive color


Would be interesting. For the lawyers to fly.

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That plane… It’s just amazing!

Would be ironic if the CEO or a LAW official actually broke the law.

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Great livery! Please try and give credit to the photographer:)

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Looks like a great livery

Oh, the colors! Love this livery! Beautiful on every level!