Latin America Virtual Present the Santiago Fly-Out

Hello and welcome to the first ever Latin America Virtual event!

Latin America Virtual is a brand new VA which seeks to replicate the operations of LATAM Airlines on Infinite Flight through the offer based on the professionalism given by our staff roster and also by the activity of the pilots. Find out more about us on our website!
Also, don’t forget to apply if you are interested

We are here to announce our event campaign with the first LAVA event. Join us on a massive event departing from the beautiful city of Santiago de Chile (SCEL). Flying past the “Sky Costanera” Tower which is the tallest tower in South America and has a beautiful view from the top.
This event will be a Fly-Out, so every Virtual Airline/Virtual Organisation will be free to choose any route to fly departing from our main and biggest hub SCEL. Every pilot will also be free to choose any route departing from Santiago or to follow some of the VAs joining this event!
In particular, Latin America Virtual will be flying one of the most operated route in Latin America which is SCEL-SBGR. This “regional” hop, operated mainly by the Airbus A321, is one of the most flown in South America and connects Santiago de Chile with the warm and welcoming Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.
The event will be hosted in the Expert Server on the 26th of July. We chose a strange time spot to let every pilot from all over the world to join the event. The time we set is 1700Z-2100Z.
Fortunately, we have been closing a lot of partnerships and we will not be alone in this event!
There are two Virtual Airlines that are coming with us in this special event!
We would like to thank Qatari Virtual, UPS Virtual, Qantas Virtual and FinnairVA for trusting us on this initiative. More partners will be announced.

Latin America Virtual flight details

  • Departing airport: SCEL
  • Flight Route: SCEL-SBGR
  • Aircraft used: Airbus A321 (LATAM Livery)
  • Flight Time: 3 hours approx
  • Departure time : 1700Z

ATIS: @bumy
Ground: @bumy
Tower: @bumy

  • Please be respectful to every pilot
  • Follow every ATC instruction
  • Latin America Virtual are not responsible for any tipe of violation you may receive
  • Keep a safe distance of 5-10 NM from other airplanes
  • Please spawn 15 minutes before departure
  • No gate assignment

Now everything should be set and ready to go! Thank you for all those who will join us on this special first ever event. Have fun!
The Latin America Virtual Staff Board.

Latin America Virtual is no way affiliated to the real airline LATAM. Latin America Virtual, all rights reserved, 2023.


We are thoroughly looking forward to this! See everyone there!

Chief Marketing Officer


We are very happy to have you on board with us. Looking forward for our partnership!

Dario, CEO of Latin America Virtual

Our pilots are looking forward for the beautiful scenery around Santiago! Thanks for letting us tag along.


We look forward for our codeshare and events partnership!

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Just this day I have a school :( sorry, I will not be able to attend the departure flight to my home city. 🏠🇨🇱

PS: I would like to be part of you. How can I apply in advance? Thanks and Regards.

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there is a link that says “apply here”

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Sure! You can apply here.

Nice, event! Happy to provide ATC for y’all

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Thank you very much!

Looking forward to tomorrow! Thanks again for the lovely invitation!

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Thank you for taking part of the event!
Looking forward for our partnership!

Good afternoon everyone who’s joining us today!

For the pilots who want to fly from Santiago to Saõ Paulo, below you can find some useful flight information you have to follow:

Aircraft: A321 (LATAM)
Duration: 3:20
FPL: copy @Wilhelm_Meijer ’s FPL
Altitude: FL330
Speed: M.78
Distance from other aircrafts: 5-10NM

We kindly ask you to follow every ATC instruction.

Have fun!

Dario, CEO of Latin America Virtual

Guys the event is over. Thank you to all who took part to our first event. It was lovely in my opinion.
I hope you all enjoyed this flight!
Looking forward for some other events like this one.
Thank you again!

Dario, CEO of Latin America Virtual