Latest Screenshots

Hey! 👋

Here are my latest Screenshots. I’ll add some info as we speak.

An American 789 landing 17L at KDFW.

A picture of the Mountains near Los Angeles, California.

A TBM-930 taking off at KSEA, inbound for KPDX.

A picture of St.Helens on my departure to KSEA.


A picture of @Luke_Sta taking off at KGEG, at the KGEG flyout.

a picture of me, (DAL 752) and @zand3r (UAL A320) taking off at KGEG.

And finally, a group flight with AFKLM and DLVA, to CYVR. (I had the pop-up thing for 12.1.4 so I never finished it 😞 )


such great shots!

I’m seeing my plane in the last photo, very handsome 😊

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Shots are good.

I kept wiping my eyes, then I released that they were edited to be blurrier and out of focus. Silly me.


The 5th is amazing.

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